sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2007

Million Dollar Baby

Vogue has a new interview with Keira and beautiful scans that show her in very sexy and stylish way.

About the lawsuit that Keira succesfully won against The Daily Mail for a caption that suggested her own suposed anorexia that had seemingly led to the death of a teenage girl..
"It was the most horrendous article" "and apart from that, on a professional level, that will destroy my career, because if peoplebelieve you're mentally and physically ill, they won't hire you"

About the things that the press says about the famousyoung women: "It has to be sordid. It has to be frink and it has to be drugsand it has to be sex with as many different people as possible, oranorexia or bulimia or something... With me, there just isn't anythinglike that: couple of boyfriends, split up, perfectly normal.So let'sgive her an eating disorder"

About her first years of Hollywood recognition:
"When I was 17, 18, 19, I felt incredibly insecure. I went through a period of thinking I looked weird and skinny, and that's 10 times worse when you're being written about,"

"When it first starts happening, I defy anybody not to look at every review that says you're rubbish and not to look at every picture that says you're wearing the wrong dress,"

"Pretty much everyone said, 'You're not right for it'. It was like 'Come on! It's the girl from Pirates! She can't act'. I think I hid in work because I didn't want to deal with any of it. I just worked and worked and worked!"

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Miss_Scarlett dijo...

she did the right thing! focus on work and forget ehatever they said about her, anyway she got later recognised for her work so she must be happy :)

by the way if you have any troubles with personalising the blog just tell me ok?

polexia aphrodisia dijo...

there's a lot of prejudice in that business, but im glad she realized how gorgeous she is and how talented, despite of everyone's comments.
when your're good, you just have to show it, your work speaks for its own.

gorgeoussssss as EVER !
omg... lovely scans.

big kiss

polexia aphrodisia dijo...

i have a new blog so you're more than welcome ;D