jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2007

Elle UK January 2008

Matthew Rhys, co-star of Keira in 'The Edge of Love' says about her in Elle UK January 2008 issue."She loves fashion, she enjoys it and relishes it, but Keira has a very individual style. I think that comes with a degree of bravery when you're that much of a public figure, but you still wear what you want. I love that. It shows great strengh".

Keira about her body issues (once again) "If I had been anorexic, there is no way I would have been able to do a lot of the action movies that I do. People wouldn't have hired me. And I was 18 when I first started to get attention in the press, I was 18! and the idea that an 18-year-old girl is not going to be in some way feeling awkward is ridiculous. I wouldn't say that I have body issues, but if you're going to ask me whether I'm completely, 100 per cent satisfied, of course I'm not. Nobody does.There is a culture at the moment that very much idealises youth and yet rips it apart at the same time, and if you're caught in the middle of it, it's very frightening. And it does take a minute or two to be able to go 'F*ck you all. I actually don't care. And I'm actually fine'".

Keira arrived to LA for Atonement Premiere Thursday 6th.

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polexia aphrodisia dijo...

Aww Let's Rock, Keira :)
that's a great cover (yet AGAIN) this girl is really working those mags, i have to say, looking lovely. and of course her quote is SO accurate and true, it is hard to feel completely good about yourself with all the media forcing us to think that we have to be skinny or tall or anything like that to be perfect, when you really not. and where your're too skinny or too tall they turn it into something bad. she has a killer body, she is gorgeous and she doesn't follow anyone's style, and as mat said, she is a very brave and great girl.

big kisses honey, too bad i couldn't post in your fotolog. :)