lunes, 18 de febrero de 2008

Atonement (2007)-.

I Finally watched Atonement. And I think it was a film so well done! The love story reachs your heart (at least my heart lol!) in a way you can't even explain. I read the book through the web and I say the movie it's faithful to it. But what I really have to remark here is Keira's acting; she was amazing! I think she totally deserved all the good reviews she received and even more! We can see a totally more mature perfomance, and an incredible and sometimes spoiled and mean Cecilia Tallis. It's a very different role from Lizzie Bennett in Pride & Prejudice. And choosing between these two characters I'd have to say that Cecilia really surprised me in a particulary moment where she says hello to his brother. I could never forget how cold and distant her behavior was with a servant. And for that scene, that face, that thing that I felt when I saw Keira on the screen, I prefer Cecilia. Even though I liked a little bit more Joe Wright's Pride&Prejudice, I absolutely loved Atonement. Yes. I did :) And I'm happy now. lol!

*Romola Garai, Saoirse Ronan, JAMES MCAVOY and Vanessa Redgrave were all awesome! I'm so satisfied with the film, it was totally worth waiting.

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Miss_Scarlett dijo...

giiiirl! im SO very happy for you!!!! how come not adore that film, its fanstastic in every single way. i really LOVED the first part, before he was arrested, with all those flashbacks explaining the different view of the characters, and its rhyme, so frenetic! and the ending is simply :___) all the film is so very well-done! keira is amazing on it, im glad you noticed what i said about her maturity in acting but im still loving lizzie more.
but keira is very lucky to have portrayed these two fantastic roles, well not luck but all the talent!

lots of hugs for you, im happy for you ;)

Anónimo dijo...
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Anónimo dijo...
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gyllenhaals dijo...

i saw atonement too, it's soo good, and yes, keira's acting is sooo good! i'm glad that keira's doing these kind of movies (atonement, pride and prejudice...), it's not very common in young actresses.


camille dijo...

i watched it twice, and i cried both times.
i totally agree with you.
the permormances were trully amazing and the movie really got me.
kisses, lovely blog. bye!