martes, 25 de marzo de 2008

Happy B-day Keira!

Keira Christina Knightley's Birthday!! Yay! Our beloved Kk was born in March 26th of 1985.- She is 23 now! So we wish her all the hapiness in the world, for this year and the next ones! :)

The Edge Of Love (2008) Is Comming!!!!

The official site for The Edge Of Love will be live soon. ;)

and here is a new still of the film, looking lovely and dancing with Cillian Murphy (hottie)!.

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Miss_Scarlett dijo...

i loveLOVElove cillian murphy, how great is going to be this film? that pic is amazing and they both look pretty good together, he always chooses interesting projects so no doubt this movie is going to be really worth watching.

and i just seen your post about keira's bday and shes still so young! theres so much we are yet to see of her that its great :)

Miss_Scarlett dijo...
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scarlett_style2 dijo...

oh, cillian is really a hottie! love him!! this movie really sounds great!

kisses ;)

Anónimo dijo...