martes, 13 de mayo de 2008

The Edge of Love Trailer

OMG the Edge of Love trailer is finally out and I absolutely loved it :) ! the actings and the film look amazing (including Sienna) and I think this Keira's role will be a great one also. The trailer is terrific man! you have to watch it. Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys, wow! awesome hahaha Keira can be so lucky sometimes....

Now some of you might think it's a little bit like Atonement, I mean it is, The film goes through the same ages and it's the Second World War too and stuff, but there's one scene where Keira says "come back to me" just like she said so many times to James McAvoy's character, Robbie in Atonement. Well, Keira commented about it in the Observer Film Quarterly Magazine Interview that I was showing you days ago:

"I realized only when I was watching a rough cut with Shar (Shar is what she calls her mother) that we saw that scene and we thought, 'Oh shit, that's a double up'. Even though though I'm only 23, I've found that you can easily reach a certain level of regurgitation. That's when you step back and think, whoah, I need some different experiences. I never want to turn in the same perfomance, although I know that with some stars, that's what it's all about, creating some kind of product so that audiences will know what they're going to get each time. That might make good business sense, but I don't want to do it. I want to explore different characters- If that's the difference between being an actress and a movie star, well I definitely want to be an actress, thank you very much"

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Miss_Scarlett dijo...

honey! it really looks like an amazing film to watch! gotta have patience girl! even sienna looks good there ;)

darling, i posted your second comment in the ryan&scarlett entry of the blogspot so i hope you are ok with that.

big kisses sweet!

Anónimo dijo...

hello, can anyone tell me what the song is in the beginning of the trailer? thank you!

Emilie dijo...

I've already watched this trailer seven times!!! I hope this movie will be as good as Atonement, I can't wait to see it!
The actors and the strory look great. I'm looking forward to hearing Keira Knightley singing ^^.