sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2008

'The Duchess' UK Premiere & After Party

Keira in this gorgeous dress by Alexis Mabille at The Duchess UK Premiere on September 3th-. There's also posing with co-stars Ralph Fiennes () and Dominic Cooper at the After Party !
I loved her whole outfit ! She was stunning hehehe ! Maybe the dress was unusual, but , hey! i loved it ! she was lovely !!!

:) :) Now come Toronto International Film Festival, and the Rome one! hehehhe, :) I'll try to post more often :( kisses!

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link dijo...

You have to read the comments on the link I'm posting you, someone who is posting in your flog totally hates Keira, but she leaves you nice comments to make you reply and have your nice comments in exchange.. sad.