viernes, 13 de febrero de 2009

Berlin Film Festival 2009

Keira attended the Berlin Film Festival 2009 on February 10th to the premiere of the film "Chéri" to support her boyfriend Rupert Friend who acts in it.
Here to see info of the movie, sounds pretty great ;) ~

Kei wore a Chloe pantsuit and Chanel shoes. I mean, I totally loved her look in here, her choice was simply gorgeous, she looks totally egdy and cool youknow, very stylish, but her hair, I think those bangs are super long, she barely can see! hehe- but apart from that, Kei you looked awesome :)!
Oh! and "The Duchess" won a BAFTA award for Costume Design. Deserved!!! though Keira wasn't there..I hope she can make it to the Oscars,!

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