sábado, 21 de marzo de 2009

The Edge of Love (2008)-.

Ok, so I finally watched "The Edge of Love" and I absolutely loooooooved it! The plot is awesome, meaning mom Shar did an awesome job, truly! Keira's character Vera was so cute, lovable and elegant. She has an amazing voice! wow! I can't believe she doesn't think so, Kei herself said that she doesn't want to be in any other movie where she has to perform live! but omg, her acting was great, though I believe that lately in "The Duchess" she explots all her talent. The film was stolen by Sienna Miller! and I can't believe I say this but she was terrific and the best in the film. I even like her thanks to her character Caitlin. Cillian Murphy, so charming and amazing,! no one could've been better than him and Matthew Rhys, that I only have seen him here, he's an espectacular actor. A very great Dylan Thomas!

I adored the film, Congrats to John Maybury for directing it and again, Sharman McDonald, for writing this touching and gorgeous script, where you can feel the real meaning of friendship, as pure.! Nothing erotic as many people said. (bath scene between Kei and Sienna). That's it!

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