lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

"Last Night" Movie Reviews!

Some of the first reviews of "Last Night" from TIFF:
"This is a fantastic film that will have audiences talking once they leave the theatre, not only for the nature of the film, but in the way in which it is made. Tadjedin has crafted a beautiful film and damn near created a romantic thriller out of a talky film about fidelity. No, I'm not talking about slit throats and bloodshed, but that doesn't mean the film's subject matter hurts any less. Brilliant if you ask me."
"Knightley proves she isn't simply best fit for period pieces as she fits into her role as Joanna better than any other modern film she's had in her career. She bounces from one emotional high to the next with ease; at first overreacting to a knee-jerk opinion, to asking for forgiveness for her actions and finally her questionable lust ofr a former lover."

- Brad Brevet, Rope of Silicone.

"The magic of this film is in the way that the classic, familiar tale is retold. Last Night is nothing new; at its heart, it's the tale of two people in a struggling marriage who flirt with the idea of cheating over the span of one night. But The Jacket scribe Massy Tadjedin, in her directorial debut, takes this simple premise and infuses it with such subtlety and depth that it should be a guideline for what separates a tired story from a engaging new adventure."
"Though Knightley might be passionate about her period pieces, she's never better than in modern moments, and as Joanna, she shows a real sense of maturity and presence. In scenes with Canet, their chemistry oozes from ever shot. A look or gentle, off-hand touch speaks volumes about their connection. It feels so real."

- Monika Bartyzel, Cinematical.

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