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The Edge Of Love (2008).

Keira on 'The Edge of Love' (2008). and working with her mom and its director, John Maybury.

"It's very exciting because it's something that we've been trying to get made for the last 15 years. And obviously my mom wrote it--ot that I'm biased or anything"

"John's an artist, very definitely. ‘Love is the Devil’ is one of my favorite films. I think it’s extraordinary. I worked with him on ‘The Jacket,’ and then again on ‘The Edge of Love,’ and I love working with him. I love his mind. It’s a weird place, but it’s a wonderful place. You don’t work with John to make a film like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ you work for something very different, but it’s equally as exciting".

"My mom didn't write this thinking in me. When I was doing "The Jacket,” which was about 4 years ago, she came up to Glasgow just to hang out and she was writing it. And she said, I think I’m having a problem with this draft, can you give me notes, which she’d never actually done before, so I read it, and gave her some notes. But I said, if you get this up and running I’m going to play that part. And she went, oh yeah, fuck off. And it happened!"

On te Set pictures:

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polexia aphrodisia dijo...

hey hon :) well, actually i like sienna a lot and i like watching, i know most people hate her but she's fine to me, so it's gonna be pretty awesome that the two of them are working together! two british beauties, kinda like 'the other boleyn girl' haha. anyways, it's fun that she's working with her mom i think that's hard to do in a business like that. so, pretty pictures and missing you a ton, girl!

big kisses to you, dear

gyllenhaals dijo...

really really good blog ;)