miércoles, 9 de abril de 2008

The Edge Of Love New Stills.

Matthew Rhys, Sienna Miller, Keira and Cillian Murphy in wonderful new stills of
The Edge Of Love.
The film will open the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 18th, Variety announced today, adding that Keira and the other members of the cast are expected to attend.

It also says the June 20th UK release will be London only, with nationwide release on the 27th.
"It’s a film that I personally adore, and opening with it is the perfect expression f our commitment to intelligent, impassioned, exciting new filmmaking,” festival artistic director Hannah McGill said.

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polexia aphrodisia dijo...

the new layout is WOW ! loved the header picture, is too sexy and cool! and that quote, so fab. lovin it. and im super excited about this movie! duuuude it's like keira, cillian and sienna in one movie all together? i couldn't miss that in a zillion years. and how cute are those stills? im sure it's gonna be very 'pretty' films, every movie keira's involved has that little something extra that makes it a special one. lol i rented p&p again! cried like the first time. and about kate, im more than happy she's working with anne, i saw a vid once where she's accpeting her human rights award, and i swear after she finished her speech i could literally get up and clap. she's amazing. and im gonna watch fool's gold this weekend!!! giiirl im so happy, i know it's not like the greatest movie ever, but im sure you know what i mean, like when you're waiting on a movie, and you know every still and premiere and trailer. well hon, wrapping it up, i really miss too going through your sites everyday :) but you keep in touch uploading pretty pictures so that's a GREAT thing. hope you're doing great and being happy, dear :)

big kisses to you !

Miss_Scarlett dijo...

oh girl i'm SO loving all these new stills for the movie, they are totally gorgeous and I'm loving how keira looks there especially her hair.

silk is an ok film but you won't enjoy keira here, she has a small role but is very present in the film but it's not like all her other roles. it reminded me a bit of scarlett's role in 'the prestige', her role was just ok for her.

and girl dont worry about what you said, its ok because i removed 'that' some days ago so it's ok ;) i left your original message and i'm glad you liked it too.

the biggest kiss my lovely girl!

lucy in the sky dijo...

those new stills are beautiful. and i didn't know keira and cillian are working together. that's greeat! i'm madly in love with that guy since i watched 'breakfast on pluto'. :)

the new header picture is great, keira looks absolutely beautiful!