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Gloss Magazine Interview

[Gloss] It seems that you do not have much time left ...

[Keira] My life goes well crazy! But it is extraordinary. Although I have not gone to university, I've met many interesting and talented people. I've continue reading a lot. So, despite living in sets of filming think I am learning more about the world and about myself.

[G] It was more smart after being so long away from home?

I hope so! (Laughs) Sometimes, I am still a disaster. But I am gradually learning to try to be more relaxed and less anxious with things. It is almost a personal project of evolution! (Laughs)

[G] You never go to parties, until the day raiar?

I need a sleep before! (Laughs). I am not very party girl, no ... I prefer an intimate dinner with friends, in which to talk of truth. Never understood right people are very party lover. . I prefer to go to a barbecue or a free fair from London to go to a club. Those are things that leave me most happy. Only my friends know that, but I do a roast chicken very bad! (Laughs).

[G] As we know that there are young women who identify with you?
I think we all have moments in life where we want to be someone else. That is, incidentally, one of the reasons why become an actress. Whenever worship those displaying noble qualities or whose strength and determination would like to emulate. And I also live seeking inspiration in characters that I saw in films or in extraordinary people I met in my work.

[G] Many people are comparing you with Audrey Hepburn. You try to follow her steps ?

No, not! I do not want to imitate anyone. I do not see any reason for that. Humans are imperfect, and the celebrities are false idols. I do not want to have the career of others. I am happy doing things on my own. But, of course, I have my favorite actresses. I am a fan of Katharine Hepburn! She was all edges. I love her acting. I love her strength. I love that she was not beautiful.

[G] You are very new, but you've done a lot. It is much pressure?
Nothing! I feel very happy to have so many opportunities in the cinema when you're not expecting more than a career in the theatre. Being part of the series Pirates of the Caribbean was extraordinary because reaching an audience too big and then achieve other roles. So, I feel almost guilty for having been able to work so much when there are so many talented actors fighting to find good roles. Well, perhaps not guilty as well. But certainly very, very lucky!

[G] Your role in Atonement is perhaps the most serious that you have tried.

I know I wasn´t ready to act in this movie two or three years ago. It was the most difficult psychological journey that I had to do to get close to a role. It is a kind of film that requires a lot of resources emotional, which tests the commitment to the profession. And the story is very moving. I did cry of a lot!.

[G] You are very freckuently chased by questions about your weight. Is that bad ?

Very! There is nothing good to point the finger at someone and say that is sick! To acused a person by any disturbances food provides a disrespectful to people with disorders. I hate all these stories about my weight and how I am "so skinny." I am thin anyway and I'm fine, and I hope that people accept my word on that. I think that women should strive to be healthy and in shape and not to worry with the weight itself. They should not be feeling pressured by that society or the latest trend of fashion you are saying.

[G] You made a film with Sienna Miller. What can you say about the scene of sex that everybody is waiting to see?

All this is much exaggerated (Laughs). A few erotic moments, as one might expect, but the story is much more romantic and engaging than that. It is a very sensual and beautifu filml. I love working with Sienna and we had so much fun on the set. Even in Pirates ... I tended to be alone much of the time because Johnny [Depp] was with Vanessa [Paradis], and their children, and Orlando [Bloom] was with his friends (Laughs). So this film was a distraction. I love making a familiar relation with Sienna. I felt that I could talk to her about all that comes with our profession. She has gone through a lot and it was great.

[G] You are the new face of Chanel. That image is very retouched on the photos of advertising?

No added curves to my body, I think, unless you have seen something that I have not seen. But the photos will always present it with the best possible lighting - is why I spent hours to acertarem the light. These photos are fiction on many levels. One person does the makeup, hair, the clothes are not his, everything is cordinated ... Supposedly to present a fantasy. I would like to have this look all the time. I've been saved in premieres of films by artists from wonderful makeup that make my skin appear much better. Everything is part of the world of make-believe movie!

[G] With your beauty, it is very difficult to remain outside the spotlight?

Thank you! (Laughs) You now were kind (Laughs)! I honestly try not shake me a lot with my appearance. I do not think that the road to happiness is: "Aaaah, I am pretty today." I think you just have to be what and who you are.

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