domingo, 28 de septiembre de 2008

Keira and Scarlett for 'Vanity Fair' Mag

K and one of my favorite young actresses at the momment Scarlett Johansson, for a photoshoot they made for 'Vanity Fair' Magazine March 2006 issue.

Recently, Keira was named Best Pout 2008 in the business, and I have to disagree with that, even Keira did it too!, nothing compares with Angelina Jolie and Mrs.Reynolds's lips !!!
hehe! Scarlett got married with boyfriend actor Ryan Reynolds! hehe! So, this post is dedicated to my dearest girl /miss_scarlett.! Thanks for everything! It's been,.. like, 2 years since I've been here and you know I appreciate every thing you have to say in my log and everywhere ;) ! kisses for you and for everybody! :D!

p.s. F*cking fotolog.- couldn't post ay picture at the end ! :(

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Miss_Scarlett dijo...

aw darling, it sucks that it has to be like this, i adore that pic of our girls together, all beauiful and naked, and i absolutely loooooooooooooooooooooved your gesture, it was so beautiful! you know love your flog and what you do and keira, and you lore! ;) and it was a beautiful thing to post that, even though you had to take it off, with the blog is different but fotolog sucks and the least thing i want to see is your flog deactivated!

anyway, i'm happy for scarlett, shes been fooling everyone saying she wanted to wait but it seems they couldnt and they must be all over the moon, its been a year and a half and with the alanis thing and dating him so soon after his previous split i bet they have gone through a lot to be where they are today so all the best for them.

i posted you this comment on the new pic you posted but you deleted it, thankfully i saved it so i leave it here (and i left it also on this blog's previous entry, i wanted to share it with you of course). fotolog only allows you know to upload or edit two pics in the time of 30min! i mean after those 30min you cant upload anything! its getting shittier by the day but then again, your gesture really touched me! ;)

a big kiss lore my girrrrrl! :)