miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2008

Glamour USA Magazine November 2008 issue

The most gorgeous scans ever! Look at Keira in every single picture! She looks magnificent, natural, young, just like a 23 year old girl :) Because she's just a child after all :D! Lovely K!

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chapelle dijo...

those scans are absolutely lovely! I love the one you've just posted on your fotolog... she looks cute and natural, yeah!

hey girl, I'm gonna add you too... I like blogs, they are way better than fotologs, he!


Emmy Rossum Archive dijo...

Hey! I'm /allemmyrossum! I'll add you to my favorites! I've created a blog to put on it more pictures, and all of this. I'm just knowing how the blog works, and i'm loving it haha So entertaining!

i think the same way you do, i've never seen pictures of keira like these ones! She's completely gorgeous, like a 23 years old girl. She's natural, funny and beautiful. I just love it;)

Anónimo dijo...

she looks so pretty in all the pics. I love the ones with the hat, so chic!! She's gorgeous, I adore her.