viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008

Keira's FIRST NOMINATION for 'The Duchess'

Keira's been nominated for Best Actress in "The Duchess" at the British Independent Film Awards 2008. This is in fact her first nomination for this film! :)

The cast and crew have been also nominated so these are very good news! :) Can't wait for this film! Also, Sienna Miller has been nominated for "The Edge of Love" ;)

The event will be held on November 30th. and I'm sure that K will be there all lovely as always hehe-.

These are the nominations "The Duchess" has got:

BEST ACTRESS Keira Knightley – The Duchess
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Hayley Atwell – The Duchess
Sienna Miller – The Edge of Love
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Ralph Fiennes – The Duchess
BEST TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT Wardrobe – Michael O’Connor – The Duchess

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Miss_Scarlett dijo...

hey lovely lore :)

heres the link you asked me, it works pretty bad but once it loads you'll get to the full article:

hope it works. big kiss

the link dijo...


Emmy Rossum Archive dijo...

Hey girl, it was no space on your flog so i decided to come here!

Quick nomination right? Congratulations for her, i have not seen that movie yet! I don't know when is it going to be released in spain, let's hope soon!

And she's not going to be in the fourth pirates of caribean, it has been three films. maybe enough to her ,right? btw, i love the pic orlando bloom is..awww, gorgeous guy! haha

Big kisses to you hon!